I’ve been having some sleepless nights worrying that there’s just so much work yet to be done on Beguiling Billings and such a short time left until 1 June.

After class yesterday, Sue and I were talking and discussion, inevitably, turned to Billings.  (Keep an eye on Sue’s posts…. will she? won’t she? will she?  won’t she? ……)  I expressed my concerns and Sue and I then had a brain storming session and have come up with The Plan for the final border, Border 15!

So, all inspired and reinvigorated, home I came working out the finer details in the car for The Plan and I’m feeling very confident that The Plan will work!!  Thank you SO MUCH Sue!

Had a delicious sweet corn lunch again, (with butter dribbling down my chin as I crunched those succulent kernels from their cobs!) and got stuck into the last of the markings, stopping only to pick up B from golf and pizza for dinner!!  Here’s the last piece being marked.

I then laid out all the triangles into their 4 borders and was going to start stitching, but realised it was 11.00pm and bed beckoned!!  So today I started stitching border set 1 of Border 14.

More on The Plan for Border 15 once Border 14 is completed.  But it’s so exciting!!  Just had to share this excitement with you!!

Happy stitching


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4 Responses to Reinvigorated!

  1. Kerry says:

    Love keeping up with your thoughts as you stitch Mrs Billings. Can’t wait to see it finished. Wish mine were so far advanced.

  2. Lorid says:

    Yay! it’s nice to have a plan and knwo how to execute it. I’m loving the progress on this quilt!!

  3. keep going, you are on the final run, there is light at the end of the quilt……

  4. Helen F says:

    Looking forward to see what the mystery border is going to be M

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