Food, Flowers, Empty and Full

Wasn’t sure what to name this post, so you got the lot!!

Corn is aplenty at my green grocers.  Yippee!  I do luuurve a cob, or two, of corn for lunch, all dripping with a bit of butter and lashings of salt and pepper…. alright, lashings of butter too!!

The butter, of course, courtesy of my lovely new Cath Kidston Butter Dish!

It always amazes me that even though we’re well into Autumn, and everything is supposed to be dying off and/or bedding down for Winter, flowers are still blooming, like these at Father-in-Law’s home.

Just beautiful, aren’t they?

There’s even new flowers up at the Kettles, more of a drinkable variety than out in the garden!

And I’ve just finished off a whole spool of thread whilst working on Beguiling Billings.  But don’t panic, there was another waiting in the wings!

It’s not the only spool I’ve been using, but the one that’s been used most of late.  That’s 500 yards worth of thread!

All four of the Border 13 borders are now made, with the final stitch going in just before lunch on Sunday, and Sunday afternoon I started attaching them…… Very exciting!  Only 2 more sets of borders to make and attach!!!  Will she make it??!!  (I really don’t know!)

Happy stitching


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6 Responses to Food, Flowers, Empty and Full

  1. quiltfever says:

    That’s an amazing amount of thread just for the piecing! I am excited to see the finish.

  2. Miss E says:

    Hi Meredithe,
    That’s an awful lot of thread… all the very best for the gallop to the finishing line!

  3. AE43, sorry we are out of stock, would you like me to back order that for you????

  4. thimbleanna says:

    Of course she’ll make it! (Wait, by she, do you mean that spool of thread — or you? I can’t really vouch for the thread, but I’m pretty sure I can for you LOL!)

  5. Anne says:

    Oooooh, it’s getting exciting! I’m sure that the closer we get to the end of a project, the faster we sew!!

  6. Helen F says:

    Hey M the flowers from the garden are just beautiful!!! Fancy using all that thread – but I believe it – you have been at it constantly!!!!

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