Class Show and Tell

In amongst all that gallivanting last week, there was class!

Sue 2 is progressing so well with her Mrs Billings; this is the final border, Border 15,

and she has Border 13 all stitched on.

Not far to go now!

Sue 1 has just started her Mrs Billings and has Borders 1 and 2 on.  Just a little further for her to go….!!!

Josephine learnt the wonders of the bias maker, making stems for her hexagon flowers for the final border of her latest quilt,

and Jill nearly stitched her fingers off getting all of these blocks together in class after spending previous classes putting the sections together.

Great achievement Jill!

Happy stitching


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3 Responses to Class Show and Tell

  1. Carmel Leybourne says:

    All looks very nice

  2. thimbleanna says:

    Wow — all those little pieces! It’s really fun to see the Mrs. Billings in different colorways. Thanks for sharing all the pretty piecing!

  3. Anne says:

    Just catching up – all the sewing I’m doing doesn’t leave much time for blog reading. As always lots of gorgeousness for me to feast my eyes on!!

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