Stitching – Part 2

Saturday was our first day for 2012 at Patchwork of Essendon with Robyn Falloon, and we had some new ladies join the group!

As per, RobynFromTheCountry has been a diligent student over the break.  She picked up the Miss Marple Mystery Quilt patterns at the last class and came back with this…….already!…..

for the centre and these…..already!…..

as the start of her blocks.

AND, RobynFromTheCountry has been to a class with Michelle Yeo and produced this

which will be one of four.  Plus there were murmerings about a couple of borders only left to make for another quilt.  She’s so good this girl!

Kaye and I have been so busy with our Mrs Billings quilts, that we were sadly behind with our homework.  Must say it was lovely to have a break from Beguiling Billings; just spread myself out, indulged in a colour change, and completed 3 blocks for Miss Marple instead.

Jackie and Ann were the new girls and they had the great joy of deciding which of the HUGE number of Robyn Falloon projects to tackle.  After much discussion, lots of chat and laughter, Jackie is going with this project and already had some fabrics to play with.

Ann had the added delight of choosing fabrics from the shop for her new applique, and with all of us putting in our two bob’s worth, this is what Ann will be starting

we (don’t you like that?  we!) added to the pile as the afternoon wore one, so Ann will be spoilt for choice when it comes to fabrics!

Ann also had these lovely bags (you know I’m a sucker for a bag!).

(Had to show you both sides, ‘cos they’re different!)  Marketing people have it all wrong, you know.  These are actually make-up bags; they’d have a much wider audience if they marketed them as patchwork accessories too!!

Then Ann brought out this petite darling

Can you guess what lives in here?

A tape measure!  Have you ever seen anything more adorable!  Wonder if Lucy could whip up a pattern for one of these?!

Sally was working the shop on Saturday and had hopes of making a few more of these small Drunkard’s Path blocks

but every time she sat down, a customer arrived – which is not a bad thing!  They’re very sweet blocks in the 1930’s prints.

Miss Kaye had her fabulous pink market basket with her (which contained her Miss Marple blocks that she worked on), and I just NEED to show you what it looks like.

Coveting that basket badly I am!  Notice the matching accessories tucked inside?

Happy stitching


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2 Responses to Stitching – Part 2

  1. Helen F says:

    Would have been a real hardship on your part helping the new girls choose FABRIC!!! Luv the colours of your fabrics in miss marple

  2. Anne says:

    I’m with you on the bags – I bought another reusable shopping bag yesterday – a designer one no less!! (OK, it was only £5 as it is a charity fundraiser!) As always am most impressed with all the work, the fabulous fabrics – oh how I wish I could be there with you!!

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