Our First Pomme d’Amour…..

…..just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Altogether now….. awwwwwh!!  I had actually not realised it was Valentine’s Day ’til I heard a comment on the radio.  How is it the middle of February already??!!

But back to the pomme d’amour….. It just so happened as I was watering the garden this morning I noticed a flash of red amongst the greenery of the tomato plants.  And there it was…..

this first ripe tomato.  Looks like a cherry tomato, but as Pa Kettle would say, it’s a shame to take it off its mother!  I’m sure it will taste just delicious!  (We’ll go halves with it at dinner – amongst other salad, not just on it’s own.  I am dieting, but that would be ridiculous!!)

And on the Beguiling Billings front, I’m pleased to say that Border 11 (of the 15) is now on

and one-twelfth of the 4-patches for Border 12 are made.

Off to make more (after some fresh sweet corn for lunch – hmmm, hmmm!)

Happy stitching


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3 Responses to Our First Pomme d’Amour…..

  1. Louise says:

    Ahh yes,,,, Valentines Day, I’m just waiting on the postie to arrive in his truck with all my cards…..!!!!!!!!!

  2. Helen F says:

    Don’t eat tooo much of that tomatoe!!! Have a romantic dinner with B tonight. I wonder what Louise will get for Valentine’s day?????

  3. Louise says:

    a package arrived today…… all the way from the UK….. a lovely card and ……. I dare not kiss and tell…!!!!!!!!

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