Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger!

Not for Will Smith tho’, for me!  It’s been a bit of a challenge doing my morning walk of late.

During the past week there have been men in buckets over trucks giving the trees on the nature strips their annual hair cut to keep them away from the overhead wires.

Of course today they’re finished, just when I’ve decided to take their photo!  But over the week there were up to 6 trucks and a couple of mulching trucks cruising the streets.  In fact on Saturday I dropped B at golf and came home to a truck parked across our driveway!  (The kind man did moved his truck so I could get in.)

So apart from avoiding the trucks, there’s also the left over tree cuttings that are yet to be mulched.

There are also new footpaths going in, so many of the footpaths are sporting signs asking pedestrians to use the other side of the road.  I’m tending to avoid these streets!

Then there are the new houses going up.  At one block I frequently come across this sign

as they dig, and dig, and dig.

One can only assume it’s for underground parking, but it looks like they’re planning on heading to the UK!  (Hi, Anne!)

Further along my route there’s a house that’s nearing completion and it appears every tradie is required at the moment.  It’s a narrow street, so cars are parked all over the place!

It was a tad windy yesterday, well actually, they were gale force, so today there was the hazard of the tree limb and debris type

which is easy to cope with, it’s just the bigger, man-made, fallen over obstacles that need a bit more negotiation!

Then there’s the joy of the natural world, which just means a quick duck of the head

I purposely avoided the street with the crane in it last Wednesday, and skirted to the other side of the road when a truck carrying roofing frames for yet another new build, pulled up in my path.

It certainly makes for an entertaining walk!

Back in the safety of p and c, all 41 of the little beggars charmers for the first of the next set of borders have been stitched together

and the second one is well under way.

Speaking of which, best fly and do some more.

Happy stitching


PS Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about my Beguiling Billings.  I feel much encouraged!

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5 Responses to Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger!

  1. Helen F says:

    Crikey its been full on over your way – must say I did notice that block burrowing away to the UK when driving home last week. I will be glad when that billings womans quilt wlll be finished!!!!!!!

  2. Did you know the robot is on display at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney..I was so excited to see it recently when we were there to see the Harry Potter Exhibition…I had to go up to it and flail my arms around saying….well, you know…my teenagers thought I had gone mad…love your Billings BTW I am languishing behind the pack I am afraid!

  3. Anne says:

    A bit different to my walks, when I encounter the occasional tractor!

  4. thimbleanna says:

    Wow — lots of goings on in your area! Watch for falling objects LOL! Looks like you’re making good progress on your borders. Have you seen Jan yet?

  5. broderie says:

    It’s all happening out there in suburbia meredithe, it seems that walking is quite a dangerous thing these days ! Safer to stay at home and stitch and dig deep into the fabric ! Take care !

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