Gunna Do #2

This Gunna Do is a fairly new project idea, but the fabrics have been around for a long time on the Gunna Do list.

While sorting through my more modern prints and florals a little while ago, it struck me that some of these fabrics would be perfect for a project I’ve admired in the Jane Brocket book that I bought in Sorrento earlier this year.

I want to make this project, “Tulip Field”

but in softer pinks, with some greens and yellows thrown into the mix.  So I chose these fabrics

I really want to use the hot pink/pink spot, but as you can see it’s the odd man out.

Another delve in the fabric library produced these

and by throwing them into the mix I get this

Wotcha think???  Better???  I guess I’ll know better after I start cutting and laying out, but I’d like some other opinions too.

On a slightly different note, it’s been a trifle damp here over the last few days and as I’ve been out on my morning walks, have seen a strange phenomenon…….. snails, snails and more snails, creeping their way across footpaths and climbing brick walls.

See all those black dots?  They’re snails!  I think there must have been about 2 dozen alone climbing this wall.

I did wonder if these three were having their own race!

This guy had already made it to the top, but from there I don’t know where they traveled as this was a neighbours’ fence, and I wasn’t going to ask them if I could follow the snails through their garden!!  (It might confirm their opinion of their crazy neighbour!!)

Happy stitching


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5 Responses to Gunna Do #2

  1. broderie says:

    i would throw all those into the mix meredithe, it will be a lovely quilt ! i love that large dot and of course i want some !

  2. Helen F says:

    M what ever you decide will be terrific after all you are the “COLOUR WITH CONFIDENCE” Queen!!!!!!!! Hate snails!

  3. Love the fabrics – not so sure about the snails!!

  4. Jan says:

    Of course you know I can’t go past a good Kaffe so definitely put them all in the mix!

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