This Leads to This, and This Leads to This…..

Oh dear!  I should never go fabric shopping on my own.

Last week I decided that I wanted to hand quilt the top I made down at Sorrento.  So first stop was a visit to Bustle and Bows for some Perle 8 and had a lovely natter with Shirley while I was there.  All OK so far.  Decided then that while out I should get the backing, and the obvious place would be Patchwork House – it’s close by and more than likely to have an appropriate fabric.

Saw the appropriate fabric as I walked in the door…. How good is that!  It was sitting in the display in the window – knew it was perfect before I had the quilt top out of my bag!  And an added bonus, the gorgeous Kathy was on duty, so had a good natter with her too.  Then decided, might as well get binding while I’m here.  But in my wanderings, my hands just happened to pick up bolts that  my eyes said, “oh my!” to!  So not only did I buy what I purposely went for….

but picked up a few other goodies too……

Then I remembered I needed to get some binding to finish off the quilt from the Kaffe class in February, which meant, on the way home, stopping in at Sunspun (handy that it was on the home, huh?!)

Found the right fabric, but oh my, there was a queue to be served and that roving eye was tempted again.  This shop is so FULL of colour, it’s really hard NOT to keep looking, picking up, browsing…..

The result being….

At least I left all the wool in the shop!  I came home ready to prepare the binding to sew on, only to find that I’d chosen the wrong colour!  Back to Sunspun, kept my eyes closed, bought the correct fabric and home to finish the quilt.

Gelati Tilt

Love the pattern for the quilting

and love, love, love the backing

I added in a row of blocks, including a label in a “tilt” block.

Next day on the way to sewing, decided, after 3 fruitless tries at other stores previously, that Gail B would probably have Leanne‘s Vignette #4.  It was only going to be a little detour…… and, oh dear, there was another queue!  From the corner of  my eye, while waiting in line, I did happen to spot Aneela Hooey’s new range “Little Apples” which will be just perfect to add to my fabrics for the Medallion Quilt-A-Long (look Anna, look!!!).  Aren’t they just gorgeous: I love the mix of turquoise, red and grey.

OK, deep breath, enough is enough.  But no!  B (I’ll blame him!), B wanted to get to golf early on Saturday and as it wasn’t worth going home after dropping him off I headed out to Miss Helen’s thinking I’d be too early and what could I do?  What indeed!!

Luckily the car likes taking detours……

This detour led me to Attic Quilts which I hadn’t visited in quite some time.  Marcia is about to make some changes to the store, and I arrived just before the carpenters – what timing!

Attic Quilts is such a pretty store::

Lots of giftware

This basket of ric rac was very tempting (no I didn’t!)

Marcia is known for her”pretties” fabrics

And this is what came home with me.

Truly, I’d give a lot for a little will power! (But gosh it was fun!!)

Happy stitching


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9 Responses to This Leads to This, and This Leads to This…..

  1. Helen F says:

    M the fabrics are gorgeus – quilt shops are toooo tempting, thats why we need to stay away from them for awhile!!!!

  2. Veronica says:

    oh what a time you ahve had shopping …I am green with envy.

  3. thimbleanna says:

    I’m NOT looking. (But those new fabrics will go perfectly LOL!) I LOVE that Gelati quilt. It’s so colorful and pretty — just gorgeous! Great job on the new aquisitions — who needs will power??? (And would your Kathy be the same one that I’m soon to meet???)

  4. Miriam says:

    Ohh, what a wonderful 2 days you had! I love visiting Bustle and Bows too!
    You found lots of gorgeous fabric!

  5. Bronwyn says:

    Your gelati tilt quilt is The Most lovely Thing!! I am so jealous that you get to look at it every day lol. Just going to have to get me one of those

  6. Debra Carraro says:

    You are even better at NOT fabric shopping than I am! I am impressed! Wish I lived in Melbourne to visit all your wonderful shops but I don’t think my bank account could stand it!

  7. I think I will have to come and stay, to accompany you on your shopping trips ……. then we can buy twice as much!

  8. Jan says:

    Next time we go on a road trip I’m not taking the blame for ‘helping’ you buy fabric because you’ve proven you can do such a great job on your own!!!!

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