From Baby Quilts to Kittens

Yes, this post will be a bit of a mix – just catching you up on the last few days.

Spent a very frustrating day quilting this little baby quilt for a friend.  I don’t know why, and yes, I’ve taken classes – 3 of them with different teachers (failed the LOT) – but I just DO NOT enjoy machine quilting.  By the end of the afternoon my machine and I were no longer on speaking terms, and I was seriously thinking about divorcing it, but then I remembered how much fun we have together when we’re piecing……. (sigh)

And this was just straight line quilting – don’t even suggest anything else!!!

It’s a very cute quilt, though.  The animal fabric is from Kokka and the coloured pieces were randomly selected from my stash fabric library(!),

and the recipient was just delighted – which is what it is all about, isn’t it?

I get serious machine quilt envy when I see what marvels other people achieve with their machine quilting, like Cathy, Andi and Rita, but I do love hand quilting, and while it may be slower, at least I enjoy it!

On Friday I helped Helen and Mrs Mac choose some fabrics for their Medallion Quilt-A-Long project.

Mrs Mac ended up with this fabulous mix of Kaffe, 1930’s, and geometrics, to which she’s going to add some greens from her stash fabric library.

and Miss Helen found these super spots and stripes to add to her current collection

(steered her away from too much “brown” – I think it’s actually aubergine, a dark aubergine – and there’s just that one piece).

Saturday was sewing with friends at Helen’s, and being a footy finals day, we ate footy finals food (baby hot dogs and party pies) and a bit more up-market food (party pasties and spinach/ricotta pastries) – yuuuummmy! – and watched Helen’s team (Geelong) win!  (No photos as we were all busy stitching what you’ve already seen.)

Helen’s kittens couldn’t have cared less that their name sakes (Geelong is known as The Cats) trounced the competition, and instead spent the day playing together before settling down in their new basket for a wee cat-nap!

Happy stitching


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3 Responses to From Baby Quilts to Kittens

  1. Helen F says:

    baby quilt gorgeus but I understnad your frustration with machine quilting – I don’t do it either!!! Go Cats – we are Geelng the greatest team of all – sorry Louise. The pussies look cute in their basket. Another great stitching day had by all.

  2. I stitched my first ever quilt (cot sized) in the ditch myself on my own machine. It wasn’t too terrible and I didn’t know better so just did the best job I could. My next quilt was bigger and there was no way I could quilt that one myself so I took it to a long armer in my part of Melbourne. She does a good job and she gives me more time to do the part I enjoy – piecing. I’m kind of lucky in that I don’t get quilt tops and backs together very quickly as I go to the office every day, so the costs stay under reasonable control. I think it’s a worthwhile investment.

    Oh, and nice fabric choice on your binding.

  3. Bonnie Flint says:

    Well done you for the baby quilt and machine quilting! I’m very impressed as I know how much you dislike machine quilting. x

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