A Valued Gift

Over the last couple of months I have lamented to my friends the lack of nice (affordable) china egg cups.  ‘Cos I enjoy a boiled egg for brekky every now and then.  Not that I’ve looked extensively, but I’ve found it hard to find an ordinary, let alone a nice, egg cup.

But on Saturday, the gorgeous Miss V came to the rescue.  She’s been doing some early Spring cleaning (and clearing out) and came across this sweet little set of 4, yes 4! egg cups….. and with matching salt and pepper shakers…..AND in one of my favourite colours!  AND she doesn’t want the set any more!!!!  Bliss!!  How spoilt am I?  How much do I value this gift?  Thank you Miss V!  I shall think of you every time I enjoy a boiled egg! xx

There’s only a couple of sleeps to go to the BIG reveal for the first round of the Medallion Quilt.  How are you going with your centre?  Decisions made?  Chosen some other fabrics?  Hanging out with bated breath?  Not long to wait now……

Happy stitching


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3 Responses to A Valued Gift

  1. Helen F says:

    How gorgeous are they!!! Especially on your lovely tea cloth. All set ready to go with the mystery quilt.

  2. I want to do the medallion quilt but I am brain dead at the moment….cannot think of ANYTHING to put in the middle…………..am completely without inspiration………..

  3. What a fabulous set. We have gorgeous green egg cups, with matching tiny spoons!

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