My Sewjourn Show and Tell

Oops!!  Forgot to show you what I achieved (and purchased!) on the Sewjourn weekend.

But before we get to that….. after class last week I went to Bonnie’s for sewing in the afternoon, met a new friend of Bonnie’s, Bev, who joined us for the afternoon, and finished Month 4 of Beguiling Billings…. and here ’tis!

Needs a good press I know, but not going there just yet.  Immense feeling of satisfaction as the next mail out is due very shortly – so I’m ahead!!

Anyway, on to Sewjourn.  Last year at Sewjourn a fair bit of this took place – we were supposed to be watching a movie, the others saw it all, I think I caught the beginning and the end!

(I was still working, and teaching, had been to a trade show, and just worked at a retail show….. my excuses and I’m sticking with ’em!  By the way, thanks for the sneaky photo Helen!!)

This time, sewing would be done, as well as watching movies…… sleep was strictly for after midnight!!  I took some “Quirky Days” blocks and finished these

and then did some Miss Marple blocks and finished these using reverse applique

(no, it’s not shadowing on the left hand block – used the same fabric in two colourways underneath!)

and this one

And purchases?  At Quilter’s Bazaar, Lorraine had samples from this pattern hanging in the shop – a great inducement!

the fabrics on the left, probably for Miss Marple and the ones on the right going into the yellow/grey/black collection.  (Must start a project with them soon….!)

At The Drapers of Mount Macedon, I found these to go with my Do Your Own Medallion.

Second from the bottom is “the other” colourway that I had to choose because Helen took all the blue colourway! (Told you I’d given in grumblingly graciously!)

And this lot is from Threadbear.  The black is for a project I hope to show you very soon, and the others are for Beguiling Billings.

Have you chosen something for the Do Your Own Medallion project yet? This is how my fabrics are looking

Happy stitching


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3 Responses to My Sewjourn Show and Tell

  1. Helen F says:

    I told you M you can have the off cuts of the blue backing fabric when it has been quilted!. I luv the medallion fabrics – still have not ventured in to my sewing room yet!

  2. Cathy says:

    That first quilt is a stunner, and your appliques are great! xo

  3. sewjourn says:

    Yum! Your fabrics are lookinf great – and so different to mine even though we are starting with the same centre…’s a bit like our Kaffe quilts!

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