A Lovely Sewjourn

Apologies for not having posted for a while, but I’ve been away (again!) to Sewjourn with my sewing buddies (regretfully minus one who’s had to miss out this year).

We headed off on Friday morning amid fog, low cloud and drizzle

at our place and Miss Kaye’s, spider webs were in abundance in the silver birch trees

On the journey we made a quick detour via Gisborne to visit the lovely Lorraine at Quilter’s Bazaar, and the totally effervescent Mary at The Drapers of Mount Macedon, a delicious bite to eat at our favourite SoLatte, then off to Sewjourn.

I remembered the short cut this time, so we didn’t get “lost” in Mount Macedon.  And unlike last year, it had turned into a beautiful day

we would have liked to sit here and stitch, but the breeze was still a little too cool!

In the cactus garden all is very green

Mrs Mac got the fire going,

Miss Helen collected some more wood,

while Miss Kaye and I made ourselves totally at home!!  Miss Kaye with the mandatory teapot and cuppa

and me with the cuddly footwear!

Now we could relax and really start the weekend!!  And we had a ball!

Kaye worked on stems

(gotta get me one of these little irons!!)

for her version of Threadbear’s “Civil War Bride”

Helen brought lots of projects::

This, which was started late in the afternoon,

quickly became this.  Sitting beside Helen I could hear the “phut” and “whirr” of the needle and thread as she adeptly stitched the knots in the calico – and what even knots they are.  Such a pretty outcome for just a few hours work!

the last few stitches were put in to complete this

fabulous use of fabrics!!

Helen also completed  the last of her Carpenter’s Wheel blocks, which unfortunately didn’t come out well in the photo, neither did the small hillock of clam shells which were cut and stitched on Sunday evening.  Such an industrious little budgie!!

At The Drapers of Mount Macedon, Helen spotted this in the “sale specials” section; there were 4 metres left on the bolt and she says she needed each centimetre (for a backing) even though it would be perfect for one of my projects.  So I grumblingly graciously held off!!

I did then spot the same pattern in another colourway, so grabbed a bit of that – show you very soon.

Remember the owl panel that Helen purchased at the last show?  Well she’d brought that along to play with on the design wall in the studio and this is the result.

All ready to stitch together now.  And while we were in the studio, I spotted this, which I think is new?  Don’t remember seeing the tree and the birds on the last visit – how cute!!

Some of us rested on the comfy couch while clam shell grids were drawn up.

Just downloading the photos, I’ve realised I didn’t get any of Mrs Mac’s work – and she was very industrious too!  Lots of knitting and  blanket stitching happening. (Sorry Mrs Mac!)

Sunday dawned foggy,

but turned into a beautiful day.  After lunch we wandered up to the Antique Centre where this plate was calling to me…… but I (regretfully) left it there

I was also quite taken with these stools

Not normally me at all, but I just loved their shape – very 70’s/The Jetsons type – and the colour is great!!  Don’t worry, they stayed too!  (I think I must be going through a yellow phase!!)

We sauntered through, as Mrs Mac said, a grove of standard lamps

(have never seen so many in one place!)

and enjoyed Devonshire Tea in the cafe overlooking the main street

Our weekend was nearly at an end, but on the way home we took a minor diversion north to Threadbear at Castlemaine.  Having arrived just a bit earlier than opening time, a coffee/hot chocolate was called for, and deliciously supplied by Quench Coffee and Juice Bar (highly recommended)

(Those swirls are on the inside of the glass – how good does it look?!)

We were then transported to patchwork heaven and spent quite some time perusing the tidbits, treats and delights of Threadbear, ably assisted by Megan and Ruth (thank you!), who once again remained undaunted by four women oohing and aahing and calling to each other to…… come and see this!!  And there is so much to see…..

……. and the above is but a mere sampling of what’s in the store.  Kaye was thrilled to be able to see the “Civil War Bride” in the flesh (so to speak!) as it was hanging in the store.  As we all said, this is a store we need to go back to….. regularly!!

Thank you my stitching buddies for an excellent weekend….. roll on next year (hopefully with a full contingent – we did miss you V)!!

A few Sewjourn snaps to finish.

Happy stitching


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6 Responses to A Lovely Sewjourn

  1. dalewaine says:

    My group of girls and I from school were there the weekend before and last Friday we all wondered who the lucky girls were that were going to be enjoying Sewjourn and now I KNow.

  2. Helen F says:

    Oh M what a GREAT WEEKEND!!!! what a bugger it had to end. Sewjourn is the perfect retreat to recharge the batteries. We did get a lot of stitching done didnt. we. Missed V so much.

  3. Vikki says:

    I’m so glad you all had a lovely time. I missed being with you all, but am looking forward to our time away next year!

  4. Ooooh – I wish I could have been there with you!! My quilting friends aren’t the type to go away for a weekend like that -ah well, I will just have to look at all your super photos instead!

  5. sewjourn says:

    Looks like fun! Hope you have another productive time this weekend too!

  6. Sandy says:

    I love to see how productive you girls are! Well done. I just noticed, in the pic of the gren/pink carpenters wheel (?) block (which is very beautiful), the point on the left is pointing the wrong way!!! OOPs dont you hate that…perhaps you’ve already discovered it. Thanks for a lovely blog. Sandy.

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