A New Family Member

Had a lovely surprise visit from my Little-Big-Brother yesterday.  Little-Big-Brother?  Well, he’s younger than me, but a good 8 inches taller, hence Little-Big.

When I answered the door he had in his arms the newest addition to the Little-Big-Brother/Doc-Sister-in-Law family.  And here she is,

This is Molly (and Little-Big-Brother’s hoof!), and while I’m not a big fan of British Bulldogs, Molly-dog is very cute.

She has amazingly soft fur and is so well behaved already

Little-Big-Brother wanted to show her off while she still looks cute!  Oh, those soulful eyes!!

On Friday at Essendon, Robyn had some extra copies of this book for sale.  Kaye and I quickly pounced on the remaining copies!

Having heard a little of the intriguing Florence Broadhurst story, I was very pleased to be able to pick up a copy of this book and am already engrossed in the fascinating tale of her life.  The book also includes pictures of some of her amazing wallpapers

The inspiration for the imagery apparently gleaned from Florence’s various travels.

I’ve started cutting out templates and preparing for some of the new Miss Marple blocks

and even have one finished!!

Happy stitching


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2 Responses to A New Family Member

  1. Helen F says:

    Hey M isn’t Molly gorgeous, what a sad face. Are you right with more blocks for show and tell!!!! you are stitching like a mad women.

  2. What a cute puppy!! And more sewing – I didn’t get any done today!

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