My Week

It’s been a very lovely quilty week.  B played a lot of golf this week (and won too!) so that’s left me lots of free time to do my thing.

I finished this quilt top, which was purchased at the last Australasian Quilt Convention from Emma at Ballarat Patchwork and given that the next AQC is in April, I thought it prudent to get it done! (Doesn’t sound like me at all, does it?!?!)

I’d seen an episode of “Simply Quilts” with Terry Clothier-Thompson where she said that she had some samples of antique applique quilts where the edges were needle turned under then instead of using a blind applique stitch, a small running stitch secured the edge.  This project seemed like the ideal one to give this technique a go.

While it was fun to try, I didn’t have much success with nice points at the end of the wings and tails, so don’t think I’ll be doing it again in a hurry.

While I’m showing you this, here’s another quilt based on the same Drunkard’s Path block which I cut out 2 and a half years ago on a girls’ weekend away and finished as a top last month.  It was so easy to make using the acrylic templates (available from Ballarat Patchwork) and I tried a Curve Master Presser Foot which worked really well.  You can read all about it here, but I can’t find where to buy them in Australia – will do some more research.

On Thursdays I teach a “do your own thing” class at Somerset Patchwork and student Sue had this for show and tell.  It’s the centre (slightly altered) of a pattern called Marylebone by Sue Ambrose, which is available from Somerset Patchwork.  (I’m hoping to show you a little something from each class along the way!)  Then in the afternoon Bonnie and I had a lovely, relaxing sewing session, results of which you’ll see further below.

Friday I spent the afternoon with Mrs Mac, sewing, talking, laughing and drinking lots of tea.  Mrs Mac had some show and tell

This is the “new” Spotty Quilt for a granddaughter – the “old” Spotty Quilt is getting very worn but the granddaughter won’t give it up; she’s decided that she’ll keep the old Spotty Quilt and have the new Spotty Quilt at Nanna’s for when she comes to visit!

Mrs Mac’s daughter, Skye, and Skye’s children called in for a visit and we witnessed Skye finishing a quilt top – the last stitch went it, the camera came out and here it is

Skye only started quilting a few years ago and wanted to make a quilt for her then, new baby daughter.  Skye bought the butterfly panels and then designed the quilt herself based on those panels.  Clever girl, Skye!!  And congratulations!

Mrs Mac then picked up her granddaughter from school and for some reason I was induced to chasing 2 beautiful fairies around the house, being very careful not to step on crawling baby boy, (gosh that’s exhausting work!), but I did get to steal some hugs and kisses along the way.

So between finishing the Birds and today, what was I doing?  Well at the beginning of last year Bonnie, Kaye and I started attending a class with the wonderfully talented Robyn Falloon at Patchwork of Essendon, called The Gentle Art of Applique (and check out Robyn’s site for two fabulous quilts she received for a recent “0” birthday – they are stunners!!).

We go for a full day 6 times per year.  It’s taken 12 months, but last month I finally finished the centre of “The Griswold Quilt” circa 1868, which Robyn has drafted

and this week I cut out all the rest of the backgrounds and started on the next 2 borders, one of which is this

Don’t know if you can see but in class I stitched all the leaves on the pink bells (left hand side) and started on the stems.

Robyn this year has invited class participants to take part in a mystery quilt, “Miss Marple’s Reproduction Scrap Mystery Quilt” and being the quilt glutton that I am, how could I resist?  Robyn suggested that it didn’t have to be made in reproduction fabrics, so I dragged out a selection of Kaffe and other brights and made the following – these by machine

and these by hand (8 more to go)

Armed with all this show and tell, we trooped off to Essendon.

This climbing rose was opposite where we parked the car.

The class yesterday was such fun; Robyn is an excellent teacher, SO inspirational and SO generous with her knowledge, and with sharing patterns which she drafts and then doesn’t seem to get time to make.  Luckily we get them and Robyn then travels the journey with us as we make the quilt.  We received another 6 patterns for the Miss Marple quilt yesterday and I have until August to get them done.  (Dare I say it?  OK, here goes…… I’d really like to keep up with this one!  And by saying it here I’ve made a commitment, huh?!)

Off now to do some more of……..oh, dear – which project do I choose???????

Happy stitching


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  1. God I hate missing out!!!! Missed out on Mrs Mac’s and Robyn’s. You have had a great couple of days can hardly wait to see the show and tell in person.

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